Why these classes?

 Why these classes are different:  
 These classes are different for the following reasons:
1. I insist on getting to know the student, his or her health issues, past/present injuries, so one can actively work with them during the practice.
2. Class size is limited to 8 students in any class. This allows me to give a fair amount of personal attention to all students in the class.
3. I use a lot of hands-on-adjustments (with the permission of the student) during the class, not only to correct postural misalignments, but also to help the student deeper into poses or to bring the students attention to an area of the body where I see an energy block or simply to help the student relax certain muscles.
4. There is a very strong focus on the breath and how the mind connects to the breath while practicing hatha yoga.
5. The classes revolve around the four pillars of Forrest Yoga -
BREATH - Forrest Yoga teaches you how to breathe deeply, connect in feeling with your body, and how to use the power of breath to bring    aliveness into every cell of your body and ignite your passion for living.
STRENGTH - Forrest Yoga teaches you to connect to your core, to be strong and centered. The intense pose sequences are designed to help      
you develop the skills to awaken each of your senses. The long holds help you progress in the poses and go deeper. Aided by the use of heat, your   
body is freed from toxins; the deep breathing  oxygenates and rejuvenates every cell in your body.
INTEGRITY - Forrest Yoga teaches you to become proficient at safely tailoring each pose to work best for you, particularly with physical 
and emotional injuries. By learning to work honestly at your edges, you develop effective tools to deal with fear and struggle. This makes it 
possible for integrity, self-awareness and playful curiosity to become part of your daily life.
SPIRIT - Forrest Yoga's intent is to create a sense of freedom, a connection to your Spirit and the courage to walk as your Spirit dictates.