About the Instructor

Sita first came to yoga about 13 years ago while trying to balance the rigors of a career in software and parenthood. When she made a commitment to a daily practice, she began to see the value of yoga practice in her everyday life. In addition to gaining physical strength and health, yoga helped her deal with the stresses of a hectic life and helped her gain a new perspective on the importance of being present and aware for whatever life brings.
She sees a lot of value in what yoga has done for the way she lives her life - yoga has taught her to recognize and over time change deeply set patterns that are part of one's upbringing and personality. Yoga has also taught her to recognize and stalk fears that one encounters on a daily basis and thus moving towards living in a kind of freedom that she has never known before.

Sita has been teaching yoga since Fall 2008 and deeply enjoys imparting her love for yoga. Students in Sita’s classes can expect a well-rounded asana practice which focuses on strength, flexibility and balance while building a deep connection to the breath. Her classes are both challenging and compassionate, making room for students to work at their own level. More than anything, Sita assists her students in connecting to a sense of inner well-being and the stillness of mind that can be cultivated through the regular practice of yoga. The style of yoga she primarily teaches is Forrest Yoga - www.forrestyoga.com
Sita also started teaching children's yoga through stories and games in November 2009. She incorporates asana, pranayama, meditation, stories and games relating to aspects that yoga fosters into the kids yoga classes.

She has practiced various flavors of yoga - Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Bikram and Forrest. Sita attends various conferences and workshops and has benefited from the generosity of teachers such as - Ana Forrest, Baron Baptiste, David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn to name a few. Her training is listed below: 
  • 200-hour Teacher Training at Four Winds, Pennington, NJ, USA, in 2009. 
  • Continuing Education for Teachers Course in January 2010 with Ana Forrest. in Boston, USA.
  • Advanced Teacher Training in September 2010 with Ana Forrest. at Kriapalu, Lenox, MA.
  • Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training in March 2010. in NJ, USA
  • 200-hour, 27 day, Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in Peterborough, UK. in June 2012